Go For Jim Jimmy & Jackie Go For Jackie Photos courtesy of Terrapin Presents

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Jacquelyn Eaton, Co-President
Jackie has twenty years of project management under her belt. Operating at an executive level of live event production since 2000, Jackie brings the lessons of many years to each new project. Regularly called upon to consult on locations, budgets, sponsorships, and overall event management, Jackie has collaborated with many of the pioneers of the American music and camping festival and has helped to produce some of the best of them.  From COO of Gathering of the Vibes to Festival Director of The Big UP, Jackie brings old school savvy to new school productions. She holds a BA from SUNY in Mass Gathering Health and Safety and is FEMA certified in Special Event Contingency Planning and the National Incident Command System.


James M. Dugan, Co-President
Jim’s experience runs deep in a production world that defies job descriptions. He is known as the ultimate Ops Director, the human Swiss Army knife, and the real MacGyver. Jim has been designing sites since 1979. In addition to regularly consulting on special event design and logistics, Jim currently manages the World Peace Sanctuary and its special outreach events. From activities at the United Nations to peace pole making at schools and flag ceremonies at music festivals, Jim brings a lifetime of experience to the job of Peace. May Peace Prevail on Earth! 


Stay tuned in for more up and coming events!