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Duganworks specializes in the efficient management of the people, places, and things necessary to a production. Our expertise will streamline the planning, execution, and wrap-up of your event. We have the experience to determine the most cost effective ways to get the supplies you need, hold on to the property you have, and minimize loss and damage of everything on location, including the location.

Duganworks will be there 24/7 to provide you with support, and we are happy to supply seasoned event staff from accounting to will-call and artist relations to production.

♦ Location scouting.

♦ Municipal compliance, permits, and location clearances.

♦ Public safety plans, alcohol permits, and zoning variances.

♦ Coordination of facilities, transportation, lodging, meals, and temporary offices.

♦ Concessions development from food and beer vending to event merchandising, and more.

♦ Vendor negotiation and shipping and transport logistics.

♦ Insurance consulting and risk management.

♦ Production buys and site equipment management: tents, stages, walkies, snow fence, golf carts, generators, forklifts, scaffold, etc.

♦ Operations, logistics, construction, carpentry and overall site design.

♦ Eight New York State Mass Gathering and a dozen Part 18 permits under our belt.

Duganworks excels in locating, permitting, and managing Northeast locations. Need a location? Building a temporary small city? Just give us a call – if we don’t have it, we can can get it.

Stay tuned in for more up and coming events!